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Designation: Professor


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Ph. D. in Finite element analysis in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer from Department of Mathematics, BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

M.Phil. in Quantum Mechanics from the Department of Mathematics,       BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

M.Sc. (Applied Mathematics), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

B.Sc. (Honours in Mathematics), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.



Telephone:+880-2-9665650-80/Ext-7494(Off),7912(Res), 01712085970(cell)


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CO (Jan 2019):    MATH 237          MATH 237

CT Marks (Jan 2019):    281   237 A  237 B   237 C  263    


Review Works

Reviewer of many articles of more than 30 different international journals/Conference Proceedings

Conference Organization

Member:  Organizing Committee of the  16th Mathematics Conference

Math Olympiad

Member:  Organizing Committee of the  5th National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad 2013